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An international DID number is a toll free or local VoIP number that allows you to forward calls to any location worldwide. No matter which location your DID numbers forward calls to, your callers only pay local call rates. VoIP DID numbers include incoming call forwarding and outbound VoIP calling features. When you choose Oasis Dialer as your DID number provider from Oasis Dialer, you get 20+ VoIP features like IVR (virtual attendant), call groups, custom caller ID, time-based routing and many more at no extra cost.

Worldwide Reliability

Oasis Dialer's global VoIP DID number network is backed by multiple data centers with failover routing worldwide.

Customer Focus

Every international DID phone number plan includes access to 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager.

Superior Call Quality

Over 98% of calls handled by Oasis Dialer score above the global standard for "excellent" VoIP call quality.

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