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Benefits of call forwarding solution

Taking your business calls anywhere is no bug task these days. Oasis Dialer Services brings you call forwarding services you need to keep your business growing. You can now redirect calls from one number to another without having to face too many problems. We strive to bring you numerous advanced routing features. With our call forwarding services, you will be able to handle call from other phones.

Our call forwarding services brings you the flexibility to answer your business calls from anywhere and anytime. These call forwarding features help you great customer service and make your operation more reliable. Now, you don’t have to feel panic about customer service, as you can answer every important call whenever you want. Consult with our experts and get advantage of call forwarding services right away.

Less manual effort

Eliminate the need for agents to manually hand over the phone to another agent/department.

Faster resolution

Calls are forwarded to the concerned department directly directly basis the caller’s input in IVR menu.

Mobility in working

Agents are free to attend calls anytime, anywhere as the calls are forwarded directly to their phones.

Multiple parallel calls

With a centralized virtual phone number, your team can attend multiple calls at the same time.

MIVR menu

Calls are routed to the concerned department directly basis the callers’ input in keypad menu.

24*7 availability

With call forwarding on mobile phones, agents can attend customer calls even after working hours.

Call forwarding for streamlined customer communication

Automatic call forwarding

Calls coming at your virtual phone number are automatically forwarded to any of the mapped agents’ phone numbers. This facilitates your team to attend multiple calls simultaneously and reduces the chances of missing any customer call. Forwarding calls on agents’ mobile phones also eliminates the dependency on fixed landline systems to attend calls and brings mobility in the team working.

Conditional call forwarding

Incoming calls at your virtual business number are also forwarded as per different situations. Basis the customers’ input in the IVR menu, calls are forwarded to the concerned department. Also, they can be forwarded to different agents during office hours and after office hours or holidays. This brings automation and efficiency in your customer call management.

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