Toll Free Local/International Number

We continue to work for our valued customers to provide a high-quality & reliable call forwarding service and virtual phone system to our valued customers. We continue to work for our valued customers to provide a high-quality & reliable call forwarding service and virtual phone system to our valued customers.

Auto Dialler Solutions

We design and develop custom Auto Dialler applications across a broad range of technology to achieve operational excellence. Easiest software to manage your customers more effectively by just using one platform to boost your business hassle-free.Free Setup Costs | Affordable Monthly Fees | No Long Term Contract | Cheapest Call Rates

National/International Calling

Oasisdialer Working Process in 3 phase Step 1 – BUY NUMBERS Step 2 – ADD USERS Step 3 – START CALLING Buy business Phone Numbers of 250+ Countries. Start Making and Receiving Calls across the globe. We have a wide-range from individuals to small-medium- large-sized businesses and even multinational corporations.


Our executive connect you within 12 Hrs.

Business Telephony Solutions


With OasisDialer, undertaking communication gets genuinely mobile! We break the hindrances of gadgets, systems, and geographies while changing all voice applications from inheritance to new-generation, at no additional expense.

End-to-end cloud voice

As an end-to-end Cloud Telephony services provider, Oasis gives enterprises instant and seamless connectivity to all voice applications and networks, local or global.

Ubiquitous global coverage

Coverage across more than 250 countries ensures no matter where our customer’s offices, remote workers, end-users or partners are located, we keep them connected always.

Seamless scaling-up or down

Customers get total control and flexibility when it comes to adding, moving or deleting users-and hence adjusting monthly expenses-to suit the changing business needs.

One-window cloud access

Oasis is truly a simplified suite of voice services, with just one easy interface to everything-PBXs, Bulk Dialers, Conferencing, Global CUG, DID or Call Centers-in the cloud

Zero capex, low opex

Oasis requires absolutely no spend on infrastructure to be up and running, while the OPEX saving easily ranges from 30 percent to 40 percent or even more.

Extreme quality always

Our commitment to quality ensures that all voice traffic is always routed uncompressed, even though it’s fully encrypted, in an end-to-end manner.

About Company

Our vision is to help groups far and wide impart all the more proficiently.


At OasisDialer, we buckle down each day to make programming arrangements that give groups more control and adaptability over their correspondence needs. It works with the media transmission circle, at the end of the day, VoIP administrations. We present virtual administrations for 250 nations, so it’s conceivable to get any help we offer and contact with individuals from each world point. Clients could limit costs for phone undertakings and improve contacts with others.

Our Mission

Our main goal is to enthusiastically seek after our guiding principle every single day until we are the world’s biggest provider of virtual telephone numbers and cloud-based telephony VOIP solutions.


Our Core Value 

  • Natural Grow – Naturally, developing a business to best serve client needs and upgrade productivity; while keeping up a moderate methodology toward chance and continually looking for implies for development.
  • Enjoy Success Together – Look for commonly advantageous associations with the shared objective of best serving our clients.
  • Enhance Boldly – Strikingly improve to foresee and surpassing client desires.
  • Improve the World – Reliably endeavoring to decidedly affect the networks we serve the world over.
  • Excellent Customer Experience – Give dependable, straightforward client assistance and back with an emphasis on convenient goals and expert communication.


Presently you are somewhat acquainted with our organization, so your last advance would be a requesting of any assistance (Toll-Free number, virtual number, DID, SIP administration, PBX framework and so forth.). Be that as it may, when you acknowledge not perusing, yet speaking with a genuine person, you can generally converse with the specialized help of OasisDialer. Pick a suitable technique for this: Skype, email address, live online talk or standard phone number.

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