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We provide cutting-edge custom software development services to help make business operations more efficient, collaborative, and manageable It should have some web apps that could interact with the customers for it to be useful and more user-friendly.

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Dialler Solutions

We design and develop custom web applications across a broad range of technology platforms of operational excellence. Our creative designers focus on making the application interactive and ensure high user engagement.

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World Calling

Staying ahead of the competition is getting harder. We develop Digital Marketing with intelligence to help you reach globally. Social media engagement, ROI of maintenance components, Increase in purchases & search.

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With Oasis, enterprise communication gets truly mobile! We break the barriers of device, network and geographies while transforming all voice applications from legacy to next-generation, at no extra cost.

End-to-end cloud voice

As an end-to-end Cloud Telephony services provider, Oasis gives enterprises instant and seamless connectivity to all voice applications and networks, local or global.

Ubiquitous global coverage

Coverage across more than 135 countries ensures no matter where our customers; offices, remote workers, end-users or partners are located, we keep them connected always.

Seamless scaling-up or down

Customers get total control and flexibility when it comes to adding, moving or deleting users-and hence adjusting monthly expenses-to suit the changing business needs.

One-window cloud access

Oasis is truly a simplified suite of voice services, with just one easy interface to everything-PBXs, Bulk Dialers, Conferencing, Global CUG, DID or Call Centers-in the cloud

Zero capex, low opex

Oasis requires absolutely no spend on infrastructure to be up and running, while the OPEX saving easily ranges from 30 percent to 40 percent or even more.

Extreme quality always

Our commitment to quality ensures that all voice traffic is always routed uncompressed, even though it's fully encrypted, in an end-to-end manner.

About Company

Oasis info Solution 2019 delivers automated telephone applications to any phone, any place, anytime. Oasis info Solution 2019 is perfect for businesses that want innovative phone solutions, or simply need to eliminate the costs, responsibilities, and risks of ownership of traditional premise based phone systems. While offering much more flexibility than a traditional phone system, Oasis info Solution 2019 is quick, easy,
and affordable for any size business.